LocationThe 2024 North American Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic will take place at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa May 14-17, 2024.
Program CommitteeBarbara Csima (chair), Nick Galatos, Alex Kruckman, Tim McNicholl, and Itay Neeman.
Local CommitteeSamik Basu, Tim McNicholl (chair), Konstantin Slutsky, Eric Weber, and Kristin Yvonne-Rozier.
Plenary SpeakersM. Eskew (University of Vienna), K. Kosaian (Iowa State University), P. Kolaitis (UC, Santa Cruz), T. Moraschini (University of Barcelona), R. Nagloo (University of Illinois, Chicago) and H. Towsner (University of Pennsylvania).

How a logician proves pointwise ergodic theorems: A. Tserunyan (McGill) 

The constraint satisfaction problem dichotomy theorem: R. Willard (Waterloo).

Special Sessions

Algebraic Logic: G. Bezhanishvili and J. Gil-Ferez 

Computability Theory: R. Alvir and S. Lempp

Logic in Computer Science: L. Moss and S. Weinstein 

Model Theory: M.C. Laskowski and A. Padgett

Set Theory: C. Conley and N. Trang 

Universal Algebra: C. Aten and K. Kearnes